Nitro (eng)

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Name: Nitro (breeder Teddy Kårwik)
Gender: Female
Born: 2014-12-10 SE13729/2015
Height: 56 cm
Weight: 22 kg

Royal Canin Trail 4300

Nitro is filled with pure energy! She hits you like a tornado, wherever she goes. Her paws barely hits the ground. She spreads all this positive energy around her. She is the motivator of the team, especially during hard conditions! She is also the starter of the team after breaks.

Nitro has got most of what I wish for. She is very intense, yet very friendly with the other dogs. She sometimes can defend her toys or her food though. She has a great interest in things and her appetite is – if possible – even greater. Nitro rarely needs more than 20 seconds to empty her food bowl.

Nitro is often wheeldog in the team. She is a hot headed female with strong will and body. She has a harder time when there are soft trails though, she is the first one of the dogs to go through. Nitro has good paws and is rarely injured, but regularly wears a Seavy harness to keep the strength in her slightly long back.