Turbo (2016)

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Name: Team Amarox Turbo
Sex: Neutered male
Born: 2016-08-30
Reg.nr.: SE51048/2016
Height: 62
Weight: 23

Royal Canin Trail 4300
Royal Canin Endurance 4800

Polarhundmästerskapen SP8 (bronze), Nornäsdraget MD6 (gold)

Turbo is like no husky I’ve ever met before.. He is a very creative soul who spends a lot of time creating things. I mean art. He is especially interested in different kind of circles. He digs or chews circles out of different materias and then collect them in lines, often ranked by size. Well, Turbo has a mind of his own.. Scroll down to watch Turbos portfoolio and follow him on his own instagram; design_by_turbo

Turbo the little philosofer is a very kind and lovely male. Well, he is not really small. He is high and consists mostly of legs and brains. But he loves to come into your arms with his long body. With dogs, he can play for hours, he has a wide specter of language and can communicate with just any dog he meets. He is particulary fond of puppies, which he is carefully engaged in.

In harness, Turbo is an eager worker with both strength and speed. His body is light, despite his size, and he is easily keeping quite some speed. Turbo is very obedient and is a good listener with a will to do things right. The challenge with Turbo, is making him keep enough weight to endure the longer trainingsessions and competitions. Hopefully this will come with age.


Design by Turbo

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Turbo is an extraordinary artist. He can spend hours creating the perfect piece, often trying several different angles and ways before he decides he is finished. He works out of inspiration, never stress, and have long pauses of rest, sitting down next to his piece just watching and thinking. Turbo would not describe his art with words, probably since he is a dog, but it´s obvious he often reflects over how mankind affect the harmony of nature. The names of his pieces are my interpretations.


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