Aviar (2015)

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Name: SE (POLAR)CH Yabasta Accelerating Aviar by Yzma
Sex: Female
Born: 2015-03-17
Reg.nr.: SE23733/2015
Height: 56 cm
Weight: 22 kg

🏆 Mid-distance World Champion 2022

Vildmarksracet 120 MD8 (bronze), Nornäsdraget MD6 (gold, bronze), Polarhundmästerskapen SP8 (Bronze)

Aviar is the emo girl of the Yabasta pack. She can be somewhat reserved and really chooses who to like. Once you get chosen, she will be submissive and loyal forever. And of course if you are a kid. She loves kids!

In harness, Aviar seems to be the least hot headed of the siblings. She is working hard but her powers lasts longer than most other team members’. She is not really a lead dog, She lacks that extra energy that will increase the average speed, but is working best in wheel where her amount of muscles makes sure the sled will easily move forward despite any hard conditions.

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