Dolly (2016)

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Name: SE (POLAR)CH Team Israelsson Seppalas Dolly
Sex: Female
Born: 2016-07-29 SE47065/2016
Height: 56 cm
Weight: 19 kg

Royal Canin Trail 4300

Nornäsdraget MD6 (gold, bronze), Polarhundmästerskapen SP8 (bronze)

Dolly is a very independent female with far too high intelligense to be just-an-average-dog. She carefully chooses when to obey and why. A highly skilled negotiator, you could say. Still, she has developed social skills greatly in the pack and she is very fond of the elder dogs.

In harness, Dolly is eager to go and loves to run faster. She has a good focus and her body is both fast and strong. You can see her running pretty much all day long. Standing still has never been her middlename. She is social and loving towards humans but rarely prioritize spending time with us twolegged – we are far to slow for her amusement.

Stamtavla Dolly