Dog Rehab Center

Yabasta Rehab contains a treadmill, a vibration therapy platform and an infrasound device. There are also possibilities to use peanut and/or pilates ball for balance training.

Yabasta Rehab is available for hourly booking Mondays and Thursdays 1400-1800. Supervised introduction required when using the rehab for injury prevention. To use the rehab for injury treatment, the dog needs to have a recovery plan made by a professional veterinary or physiotherapist.

The Petrun treadmill is fitted for dogs up to 79 kgs. Treadmill can be used both for strength- and endurance training. Walking the treadmill, your dog is easy to observe for you to find or rule out anomalies. The treadmill comes with four levels of inclinations and is manually regulated between 1-16 km/h.

Vibration Therapy Platform
Vertical vibration training is common within rehabilitation and sports medicine. Bodygreens vibration therapy platform is used for rehabilitation as well as training device for dogs. The platform uses vibrations between 5-30 Hz, the lower frequencies mainly for massage and rehab while the higher frequencies are activating the muscles for training.

The Novafon is a deep penetrating intrasound device for massage and rehabilitation of cartilage, joints, muscles and tissue. The stimulation of the cellular and circulatory systems of the body results in an increased blood circulation and effects of the therapy are achieved.


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