Yabasta reject sponsored posts or reviews. Yabasta have exclusively long term partnerships, based on knowledge and development of quality products. For requests, contact Marlene;

Yabasta are ambassadors for Royal Canin since 2014. After a few years of feeding on meat, I wanted to see if the dogs could stay in better shape during heavy training, on kibbles. Royal Canin then recently started their Sporting Life-series, specifically produced for working dogs and sleddogs. The results were overwhelming! I have continued with Royal Canin ever since. As ambassador, I give advice to people who are considering the Sporting Life kibbles, as well as to you who already use it but want to do it even more effective.  yabastakollamasken

Dogs needs to be in perfect condition to perform in competitions! After having parasites damaging two competition seasons, Yabasta is now partner with Vidilab, the leading laboratory in Scandinavia in veterinary parasitological faecal samples. The lab tests the Yabasta dogs regularly. This is not only a question of performance, but also of disease control among sleddogs. I strongly recommend all competitors to test their dogs in the beginning and the end of every season, both to ensure the health of the dogs and to raise awareness and prevent diseases within the sleddog environment.


Qurts is the webshop for quality dog equipment! Yabasta is a testing partner to ensure quality in harnesses, booties and other products before they get out on the market.  The sleddog equipment from Qurts will last lots of miles! Our favourites are the Dragrat harnesses and the dryland booties that are essential for the Yabasta dogs to endure lot of training through hard conditions without getting injured!


Security is vital in sleddog training! A big team of hot headed dogs are exposing the centerlines to great powers. Yabasta is testing, developing and using high quality lines from Swedish Centerlines since 2017. The professionality and knowledge within the company, opens for countless creative sollutions on every security- and routine challenge. For example, Swedish Centerlines built a shorter (and yet ergonimic!) 12-dog-centerline for Yabasta’s dryland training and constructed a centerline that is easily rebuilt to a stakeout when resting at checkpoint.