Dynamite litter

Yabasta Accelerating Sonic by Yzma x Yabasta Black Powder Bolt

Excellent leaddog Sonic has both speed and endurance. Sonic performed on dryland as well as snow – both sprint and mid-distance*. She is a normal sized female with high intensity in both harness and everyday life. Her high food interest is consistent through heats, travelling and even pregnancy. She is one of the main leaddogs of the Yabasta team, especially at competition. Sonic is a very loyal girl to her humans and rarely needs to be on lead. She can be a bit cautious to strangers, especially men. Sonic has never been injured but has had a period of limited endurance during end of last season when the team suffered from giardia.

Young Bolt is a very intense male with an extraordinary will to please. He finished off his first season stepping up as a promising leaddog, surprisingly aware of commands and the challenges of a leaddog. As a puppy, he was the most affectionate of his litter and, inspired by Christof Diehl, I therefore chose to keep him. This is still a fact and Bolt would never leave my side for anything, a very nice attribute for a siberian husky. Well, besides the fact that it might be a bit inconvenient trying to photograph him. Bolt can be a bit cautious to strangers but still has the drive to approach them and overcome it all – at which point he will become overwhelmingly excited and smother them with kisses and Boltness. 

The plan to combine the first two Yabasta litters has been there ever since the Black Powders’ were born. Sonic was already the chosen one but the plan was to wait a few years to evaluate the Black Powder males to see who would fit Sonic the most. Now nature (read two very determined dogs) already made its choice and I soon decided to let it happen. I will keep at least two of these puppies for the future Yabasta team.


Sonic and her three sisters are full time parts of the Yabasta team. Sonic, Wings and Kite are excellent leaddogs and pace keepers. The fourth sister Aviar is a strong wheeldog with great endurance and high authority in the pack. The father of these females is Snowdigger’s Yarak, one of the old main leaddogs at Marie Israelssons. Yarak has a countless number of merits, both in Sweden and international. He also sired other litters that are great competition dogs today, at Marie’s and at Atle Eikevik for instance. The mother of these females is Nisstorpets Cruising Thunderbird, the first generation offspring of Jens Lindbergets very important work to continue the line of Stuyahok (Mats Eriksson) by combining it with Unisak’s (Nils and Sickan Hjelm). 

Bolt, one of his brothers and two sisters are full time parts of the Yabasta team. They are all young and promising. Rest of the brothers are in competing teams, all but one who actually is becoming a great nose work dog. Their father is Neimans Fridolf who went from being a tourist- and long distance dog to enter the a-team of Marie Israelssons as a six-year-old. Fridolf finished races as Amundsen Race and Gausdal Marathon and finished his career with three straight SP6-victories, Swedish Championships one of them. Fridolf sired, among others, two litters at Marie’s. The mother of Bolt is one of the most merited siberians in Scandinavia; Ulveheia´s My who not only was in the team of Trond Hansen for years, but also is the mother, grandmother and great grandmother of the majority of his team today. My has finished Femundlopet, Finnmarkslopet, has multiple Polardistans medals and medals from international mid-distance as well as long-distance championships. 

Sonic and Bolt are both four generations from Igloo Pak’s Snow Bandit as well as Tupilak’s Trapper. 

*European Champion DR8, first prize Swedish working test both sprint and mid-distance.

Yabasta Dynamite Jimmy NOVAK moves to Victoria Åström, kennel Riverhuskies
Yabasta Dynamite Dipper ATTAQ moves to Lisa Lindblom
Yabasta Dynamite Kaia Nieves (Lumi) moves to Emilia O´Keeffe
Yabasta Dynamite Lilith (Taiga) moves to Ly Hróðvitnir
Yabasta Dynamite Sam Winchester and Ruby stays at kennel Yabasta