C4 litter


The C4-litter is based purely on one of the two lines dominating the Yabasta team and breeding. These puppies are a linebreed on the high performing siblings of Neimans (Nirak/Neimans Syncro). These dogs are typical to be intense and hot headed althought kind. I wished to keep a male from this litter but finally chose to sell all three puppies. Nitro is still young and can be bred again after evaluating these puppies.

SE13729/2015 Nitro (SE (POLAR)CH, Excellent)
SE11370/2011 Wild Tribe’s Raven (SE (POLAR)CH, FI BCH, Excellent/Ck/R-CERT)

Yabasta C4 Evita Perón (Tundra) stays at Ly Hróðvitnir
Yabasta C4 Coco Chanel and Nelson Mandela (Bolt) stays at Madde and Niko, kennel Wolfvens Illusion