Buyers’ information

Yabasta only sell pups to sleddog homes. Siberian huskies are beautiful but Yabasta is breeding dogs with a great need of exercise.

Puppies are delivered earliest at nine weeks of age. Personal pick-up is required! I want to meet you personally and I want you to meet the puppy before starting your new life together.

When selling a puppy, I´m charging 15000 SEK/1600 EUR, including:
– registration in Swedish Kennelclub
– chipped
– vaccine DHPPi at 8 weeks (optional)
– deworming

When required for delivery, it also includes:
– export pedigree
– vaccine DHPPi at 12 weeks
– vaccine rabies
– passport

För köpare i Sverige återbetalas 2000 SEK om valpen ögonlyses och gör gonioskopi vid 11-14 månaders ålder.

Buying a Yabasta pup, you are becoming a part of the Yabasta family! You will be added to the private Yabasta family Facebook where you can share posts about your puppy as well as read others. There are regularly Yabasta meetups, summer as well as winter, with different activities depending on season. Of course, I’m available for questions and advices through life with your Yabasta dog.