Breeding Priorities

Yabasta Accelerating Archon & Kite by Yzma

Performance first

Competing has always been one of my main goals. In the beginning I put most of my energy into the effort of completing the races, although there was also a distant dream to qualify for titles. After a while my interest for titles has faded and over the past years, I have been more and more into winning. Having a team that brings me to the top of the podium.  The balance between having high goals and working with dogs, is not always easy. I have been twisting this in my head countless times. A gold medal has no value for me if the dogs didn’t have a great time. That is why I am passionate about hot headed dogs with a high capacity of speed and sustainability. Dogs that share my love for flying through the snow for hours. I am deeply convinced that siberian huskies can be both very fast and sustainable dogs – if only these qualities are highly prioritized in breeding. That is the reason I coorperate with kennels, buyers and temporary homes that share the same vision as myself. Having siberian husky-teams that are crazy about running, that are sustainable and with heads that can make them some of the fastest mid-distance team in the world.

Yabasta Accelerating Aviar by Yzma


A dog in pain, is not a happy dog. You can do countless health checks at the vet, but I am convinced that it’s only in work that you can evaluate the full anathomy of a dog. The letter of a hip will mean nothing if the toes are not strong. Even the fully health checked dog kan get injured from working if (s)he doesn’t use the body in the right way. That is the reason I choose to breed on dogs who has been in extensive training for years – where the full scale of anathomy, physics and working skills has been tested.

Yabasta Accelerating Sonic by Yzma from Snowdigger’s Yarak / Nisstorpets Cruising Thunderbird


A great sleddog carries the passion of running. This is something we cannot train them to! Either it is there – or it is not. I am selecting my cooperations out of this idea, putting a high value in passionate dogs. For me the right name is never good enough. The dog itself, must have showed the passion of running. Still, the prefix of a name tells me a history. I do read lines, to find the breeders that share my idea of passionate dogs and  who are prioritizing this in their breeding.

Yabasta Accelerating Roc & Kite by Yzma Photo by Maria Pålsson


Passion, energy and temperament is often connected. The Yabasta-dogs are hot headed in the same way as many tougher shepherds. They are highly energic, more reactive and has a greater need of exercise than the regular dog. I am very fond of these attributes! My work with the dogs is often calm and I’m never scared to go inbetween if things go out of hand. Our way of living, gives the dogs a calm living to balance their high energy level. As a breeder, I have a great responsibility to make sure these dogs will go to homes that not only can manage, but also can make something great out of, this energy.