Black Powder litter

Names: Yabasta Black Powder Bolt, Ninya, Rocket, Bullet, Sniper, Colt, Yari and Trooper.
Born: 2018-10-19

After years of dreaming and planning from my side, Trond Hansen and Siv Nordal  (Gråbeintunets) offered me to have their foundation female Ulveheia’s My. I brought her home the same day to have her the rest of her life. There was a small but hopeful chance that I might have a litter from her before her turning 10 years old (i.e. not allowed for breeding in Sweden).

My is particularly interesting for me since she is a daughter of Stuyahok’s Pluto which means a part of the very fast competing sprint bloodline of Mats Eriksson’s. What makes My special, is that she has been top performing in a mid- and longdistance team through her whole life. She went as fast as 40 km in 1h 45 minutes as well as finishing the Finnmark 1000 km race. This, along with several other top performances, she achieved in a team built out of her, her daughters and granddaughters. My is the living example of what I consider to be the ultimate siberian husky.

I wouldn’t believe my eyes when My went into heat on her ninth birthday.. I quickly decided to go forward on that, combining her with a fast and durable, hot headed male: Neimans Lilla Fridolf from the team of Marie Israelsson. I chose to make an outcross to prepare for future linebreeding on My. Fridolf was chosen because he has shown to have a hot head and great capacity of both speed and endurance, starting off his career in a long distance alaskan husky team and then stepping up into one of the worlds fastest sprint teams (Marie Israelsson) as a seven-year-old.

Although both Fridolf and My had turned nine years old, eight perfectly healthy puppies was born without complications during a Friday afternoon. This is well over average size siberian husky litter.

Yabasta Black Powder Bolt (male) stays at kennel Yabasta
Yabasta Black Powder Yari (male) moves to kennel Sattolas (Anita Mortensson/Kjell Zackrisson)
Yabasta Black Powder Rocket (male) moves to kennel Snowdigger’s (Helen Israelsson)
Yabasta Black Powder Ninya (male) moves to kennel Gråbeintunets (Trond Hansen/Siv Nordal)
Yabasta Black Powder Bullet (female) stays at kennel Yabasta
Yabasta Black Powder Trooper (male) stays at kennel Yabasta
Yabasta Black Powder Sniper (female) stays at kennel Yabasta
Yabasta Black Powder Colt (male) moves to kennel Husky Heroes (Familjen Pålsson)