Sauron (eng)

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stamtavla Sauron

Name: SE (POLAR)CH SE UCH Jiepeer’s Sauron
Sex: Male
Born: 2013-08-06 SE50506/2013
Height: 57 cm
Weight: 21 kg

Royal Canin Trail 4300
Royal Canin Endurance 4800

Sauron is the dogworld’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is the one and only 🙂 A very energic male who enjoys all the goods of life. He kisses all humans he can reach and is trying to charm every dog – regardless their gender. He is simply THE DOG. The self elected center of the universe.

But Sauron is also a hard working dog who will run both fast and with endurance! He was leaddog in competition every season and is doing great. He is a good listener but also has the self confidence to make his own decisions when needed. A very easy-to-handle dog!

Sauron is available for breeding on working females. His strengths is his self confidence, intensity, paws and capacity of speed. He has a wonderful polar fur, despite his speed. A weekness that might be needed compensation, is his size. He is the size of a big female. This has not affected his speed capacity (he easily runs over 19 mph) but I’m thinking he should breed normal size females (not to small!). Sauron is eye checked clear and can be PLD-tested before breeding.

Sauron single lead

Sauron leaddog on snow (19mhp)