Gantu (eng)


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Name: Husky Heroes Gantu
Sex: Male
Born: 2014-07-25 SE47668/2014
Height: 60
Weight: 23

Royal Canin Trail 4300
Royal Canin Endurance 4800

Gantu, Plutten, Kurden – our dear friend has many names! This charming boy comes from one of our partner kennels; kennel Husky Heroes. His father Hero is one of the best leaddogs I have run, very obedient and focused dog. Gantu is just like his father and is now one of the main leaders of the team, especially during hard conditions.

Gantu needed time to be fully developed in his body. He always was a well balanced male with good proportions but has had difficulties gaining weight during his first years. At four years of age this changed and Gantu had a great increase in both his speed and endurance. Since then, he is one of the given leaders also in competitions.

Gantu is eye checked with corneadystrofi and was therefor not available for breeding until in 2018 when he had proven himself as a great sleddog and leaddog in competition. He is available for breeding on working females with eyes checked clear, preferable in several generations.