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Yabasta Accelerating Archon, Roc & Sonic by Yzma

Buying a Yabasta dog, you do not only buy a pup but you will also be a part of the Yabasta family. You will have access to proper support and advises as well as possibilities to train and/or have your dog trained in the Yabasta team.

Before signing the form below, I expect you to have read about the Yabasta bloodline, that you understand the priorities behind the breeding and what consequenses that will bring – both good and bad – and that you still feel the Yabasta dog is just what you are looking for.

The Yabasta male puppies can be sold but the females are mainly kept as co-owned and/or with right to breed on. I want to test the Yabasta females to make sure the best ones are taking the Yabasta breedline further.

I will ask for references – don’t let that scare you off! I don’t care whether you are a beginner or a pro. The most important qualification is love and understanding of the dog, combined with a sparkle of winning instinct. 🙂

Sign up below if you are interesting in a future Yabasta puppy. I’m looking forward getting to know you! The sign up is not binding you nor me to anything, it’s merely a sign of interest.