Planned litters

29744714_576775969348719_646925605498077033_o (1)
Photo by Natali Doroshina

Sorry to keep you queing guys, I´m working really hard on the breeding plans but nature doesn’t always go my way!

This fall I finally got the possibility to breed Ulveheia’s My to Neimans Lilla Fridolf. These are two nine-year-old dogs whom I have had my eyes on the past couple of years. I see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine two high performing individuals from two high performing lines. My wish is to have this litter as a foundation of the Yabasta breedline and I will keep all the (cross your fingers!) puppies close for followups. This is an outcross combination involving lines from Kite/Aviar/Karma on My’s side and Nitro/Turbo on Fridolf’s side.

As for 2019, I have plans on breeding Nitro. This will be a linebreed on siblings of Fridolf (above). From this combination I expect intense and hard working dogs with balanced size and weight. I will consider selling puppies to mushers who have the right patience as well as ambitions for these hot headed fellows.

I also have some upcoming plans with our partner breeders, I’ll get back to you when things are settled.