Dynamite litter

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Expected in July 2019:

SE23732/2015 Yabasta Accelerating SONIC by Yzma

Dryland European Champion DR8, 1st prizes in Swedish working test sprint and mid-distance
Eyes + gonioscopy checked clear

SE11370/2011 Wild Tribe’s Raven
SE (POLAR)CH, FI BCH, Excellent/Ck/R-CERT Eyes + gonioscopy checked clear

This was an unplanned, yet wanted litter that accidently happened during Ravens visit to breed Nitro. I have had plans breeding Sonic as well as Nitro but not until later on – since she already has had a litter she can be bred up to the age of nine according to Swedish rules. Now Sonic obviously had other plans..

After evaluating all four females in the Accelerating-litter, Sonic showed to be the best one fit for bringing the Yabasta line further. She loves to work and is often running in lead in training as well as competition. She has a light and fast body type without loosing angels. Sonic is also the most socially confident of these four ladies.

I had plans breeding Sonic to a male progeny of Neimans Finnen or Fridolf but she ended up breeding to the son of their brother Blazer. Fair enough! The Dynamite-litter will be a next-generation combination of the same lines as the Black Powder-litter.