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The main reason for people’s lack of success
is their willingness to give up what they want most of all,
for what they want right now!

I´m that kind of person who always goes all in. When I bought my first huskies in 2004 it was already written in the stars; a pack, a sleddog team and a small place to live in the woods.

Living in a pack of siberian huskies is my dream that I now have the privilegue to live. I have my personal relation to each and everyone of my dogs. I know everything about them. Of course I spend a lot of time at home, in the pack. They are a huge part of my life. And I am, of theirs!

The passion for training and competing with sleddogs started to grow inside of me when I got my first huskies. My main motivation is of course winning races! I love to show how great my dogs are doing what they are born to do. But as well as winning, I´m equally passionate about maintaining the qualities of the polar breed siberian husky. I truly believe that competition is the way to evaluate the capacity of a sleddog and that performance is the key to a healty development of the breed. We need to set aside our human feelings of envy and turn to our greatest rivals when it comes to breeding, to maintain our breed as a fast and durable sleddog.

But achievments doesn´t come overnight. What I value most, is the health of the dogs and the joy in spending time with them. A training schedule is never more important than the wellness of me and my dogs. Performance is really based on a combination of everyday balance and feelings of presence and happiness. Sometimes we resign competing on short or longtime basis, just because we don´t feel like leaving home. On the other hand, my mind is always open to try out new forms of competitions. I really enjoy a challenge! Who knows; that might open up even more ways to evaluate my sleddogs before breeding!

Besides my beloved dogs there are a few other things that means much to me. I love writing about my everyday reflections as well as the bigger issues of life. I published articles both online and in books and papers. A few times I had articles translated and published abroad. I have a passion about monsters and I follow the shows Grimm and Supernatural. But most of all I love spending time with friends and family. My home is always open and not a day passes without friends stopping by to say hi and spend time with the dogs.

Things that I´m proud of:
Bronze in Vildmarksracet (A) 2018
Winner of Swedish Siberian Husky cup limited mid distance 2016/2017
Swedish Champion MD6 siberian husky 2017
Winner of Swedish Siberian Husky cup limited mid distance 2015/2016
2nd place Beaver Trap Trail 120 open class 2016
Swedish Champion MD6 siberian husky 2016
4th place Vildmarksracet 120 2016
Winner of Swedish Siberian Husky cup limited mid distance 2013/2014
4th place in Polardistans 160 km 2014 (as rookie, out of 17 teams)
Nominated to ”Best dog care” prize Polardistans 2014
Swedish Polardog Champion limited mid distance 2013/2014
Bronze in the Swedish Polardog south district Wintercup 2013/2014
Best siberian husky-team in Beaver Trap Trail 110 km 2013
Bronze i Swedish Dryland Championships 6-dog team 2015
Best siberian husky in agility in Sweden ever
Champions of the local agility club 2006
Bronze in regional Championships agility 2008
Silver in regional Wintercup agility 2008
Obedience novice class 146 points (skipped one of the exercises)
Several years of work in the Swedish Siberian Husky Club
Completed two steps out of four in the Axelsson dog massage school
Initiator of the Swedish Siberian Husky Camp 2009-2012
Educated as trainer in the Swedish Working Dog Association