Dryland training under the fullmoon.. Photo by Nicole Fhors, Raxeira’s

The Yabasta kennel is located in Motala, between Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. The kennel started to build a team of mid-distance racing siberian huskies in 2010. The Yabasta home is surrounded by forest where the dogs are trained up to 60 km in a row. The training is mainly dryland training which means a high amount of mud, booties and darkness every winter. And I love it! 😉

Besides running, the dogs spend a lot of time in the 2400 m2 garden where they play, chew sticks, climb on rocks and dig for mice several hours a day. Off-season (=summer) we spend a lot of time walking in the woods putting on weights for the dogs to build muscles. Swimming is also a big part of the off-season training, starting up with five minute-sessions in june and ending up with thirty minutes several times a week in august.

Life with the huskies means a lot of training but also lots of laughter and fun as they fill our lifes with joy! Life in a pack also sometimes means a lot of sorrow. All these parts I regularly share with you in the blog.