Running and chewing and mating


The rain has been pouring the past days but suddenly the clouds broke up and the sun reached down to us. These are the last days with Raven who soon will be going home to his pack. It has been a true pleasure getting to know this beautiful male. During his two weeks in the Yabasta-pack he taught the puppies a lot about how to behave proper with elder males, we spent quite some time in the sofa cuddling, he got just about every female going into heat and he managed to breed two of them..


Only being one week since mating, Sonic shows no sign of being pregnant just yet. She spends the days like always; finding a nasty bone to chew and proudly show off to the rest of the pack. Sonic has had a litter before, the N-litter at kennel Amanuq in France. One of her puppies was bought back to Sweden by Raxeira´s where she now provides their team with explosive energy. Actually, her name is Nrj DEJA Vue Amanuq.


It´s now two weeks since Nitro mated to Raven. I have a feeling she has calmed down a bit, acting more mature. There will be another week or two until we can start to see actual signs of pregnancy but I´m really not yet experienced enough to say anything until she is starting to build a belly for real.

I went through a lot of emotional phases this past week, after Sonic mated to Raven.. My first reaction was disappointment – I hadn’t planned that at all. But soon there was a light growing inside of me and my mind changed path. Questioning if it would be possible to solve at all, both practically and mentally, started me working on the case. Now, a week later, I am full of joy and really hoping for two litters to come! ❤

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