Crazy but true!

Nitro & Sonic is now both bred to SE(POLAR)CH FIBCH Wild Tribe’s Raven

I was really surprised yesterday evening, suddenly hearing another sound of mating. A quick glanze out the window and I could see Nitro and Raven them already stuck together. I couldn’t really figure out how this was possible, being one whole week since they did their planned mating..

Well, of course I went out to stay with them while they were stuck together. I sat down and embraced Nitro who actually was rather calm this time compared to the earlier matings. Raven did great and just stood there waiting.

That’s when it happened. I could se a white fluffy flash appearing from behind, intense and happy, wanting to cuddle. But wait.. What? That’s Nitro! You know sometimes you get blinded by the obvious. In my arms was not Nitro. It was Sonic, stuck together with Raven.. When did she even go into heat??

Well, these things happens. Sooner or later there will be accidents. I have been through this a few times before but it’s now ages ago. While waiting for them to separate, a crazy idea went through my head.. Why not? I have planned breeding Sonic, only later. And I have planned breeding her to a close relative to Raven.

So.. You know many things can happen when breeding. And as far as I know, we are now expecting two Yabasta litters during July.. Crazy but true!

You can find more info on both litters here 😊

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