Nitro and Raven, as easy as pie

SE(POLAR)CH FIBCH Wild Tribe’s Raven x SE(POLAR)CH Nitro

Sometimes things can be just so easy. I dreamt about this easy life for a very long time. Struggling through hard times with numerous setbacks in breeding, I wondered how life would be if things could go just my way. And suddenly here we are. Making Yabasta C4-litter, as easy as pie.

Nitro started her heat in Januari this year. The plan was to breed her early but this left me to somewhat a problem.. Breeding Nitro, I would need to compete without her during the rest of the season. I had to realize that for me, that was no option.

I had no idea of how long I would need to wait until next heat. I just hoped it would be during summer. So when Nitro started to bleed in early May, it was hilarious! The male had been planned for years, so there was no need spending time. Yesterday he came home to us and shortly after, they had their first mating.



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Now these guys are just the sweetest couple! Well, that’s kind of a bonus – that wasn’t my main purpose of breeding them. But just look at them ❤

Now I planned breeding on Nitro since she first entered my team as a 1-year-old crazy running machine. Actually, it wasn’t at first in my team, but in the alaskan team of Anita Wetter, that Nitro made her impression on me. Since then, she has been the power wheeldog, the energizer, the neverending battery of the team during all competitions. She worked her way to be one of the most important dogs in the Yabasta team, so important that I couldn’t imagine racing without her.

Raven first caught my eyes several years ago, actually on picture. There was something special about him. But he wasn’t racing very much so I kind of watched him from a distance, not forgetting about him. I took the opportunity meeting him in Sveg last year and really liked what I saw. But still, I wanted clean proof of his performance. This winter I had the possibility to run him in my team during training one weekend. I played my hand and put him in lead with Dolly at once. He did a wonderful job there.. Later on, he was loaned to Tova-Liza Willenfeldt where he won two races as leaddog in her 4-dog sprint team. Those were the pieces that I had been waiting for.

You know what; if you really like what I’m describing here, you might be the kind of person who would fit a puppy perfect. Let me know? Puppies are expected in the middle of July and can be delivered to the Siberian Husky Club show in september.



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