Six months has passed..


I can´t believe these guys recently turned six months old. They are starting to look like real dogs! They are running free every day – we are living really in the middle of nowhere and they still didn´t reach the age when they are leaving the pack for their own adventures.  I hope the running gives them a great foundation for their future life as working sleddogs..

I always considered the puppies to be alike in bodytype. Although seeing them like this, I realize they are quite different. Bolt has got really long legs (bottom right) meanwhile Bullet (top right) seems to become a real powerlady. Tropper (top left) was kind of chubby for a long time but now his body grew into his skin and he´s starting to look really good. Sniper (bottom left) was always a very balanced female – and she still is.

Right now, besides from hours of running, I´m also continuing to build a solid mental foundation for them. Depending on their current mood and self development, I present to them different kinds of challenges. They choose themselves when and how they will approach it. For exampel I never force them to approach a foreign person but they often get the chance to see new persons and they might hesitate to approach the first ones but after a while they built the experience that foreign people are nice and cuddly.

Of course another important part of their daily education, is spending time with the pack. Talking “dog” is one thing but learning the differents ways of expressing there is within the pack might take a bit longer. Included in that is also running along with the team getting used to different kinds of behavours during takeover. The core purpose of all training is to slowly build a strong self confidence in running fast forward no matter what.

Other than me hiding education in pretty much everything we do every day, these sweeties are also spending a lot of time playing. Right now, their favourite game is “I´ve got a bigger bone than you”, running around trying to steal each others bones. There are rarely fights though, they seem to sort everything out by themselves.


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