Yabasta racing team 2019

I have felt like training was a little bit off through the fall. I put a lot of energy into building large kennels for the dogs and tried to keep somewhat a continuity with training every second or third day. The past month, we finally got to extend distances and start, what I feel like, the real training. We are about 500 km behind our regular schedule at the moment so I cancelled Vildmarksracet. Will really miss it though, it’s one of my favourite competitions! Instead we signed up to run in Åsarna. This is a historical arena that now is opening up again. So, our first competition will be 8-dog sprint in Åsarna, to start up the dogs with an adjusted distance and in a way also as a memory of Mats Eriksson who was a great 8-dog sprintrunner and whos lines are one of the foundation lines of the Yabasta kennel.

So tonight we went to Lillholmsjö for a shorter and faster run. The weather has turned and temperature is starting to fall, finally. The dogs rested yesterday and seemed to have gained quite some energy. The plan was at first to run two times 8 km but as I felt the dogs doing really good though higher speed than normal, I quickly changed the plan and chose to finish the training after 8 km only. These sessions are more a mental adjustment than a physical and I believe it can make the dogs even more excited finishing training with lots of energy left 🙂 Tomorrow we go back to regular training, though, trying to brake our second 40+ km for the season 🙂

The team above is:

Sauron – Dolly
Sonic – Gantu
Turbo – Karma
Aviar – Nitro

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