Top 10 of 2018

Jukka & Folke

10. Great homes

I knew I would need to rehome a few dogs this year.. Team was speeding up and the situation started to be impossible to solve in a way where every dog could fully be satisfied. Finally Folke and Pila found their way to loving homes where I’m certain they get the best out of life ❤️

9. Meeting Dallas Seavy

I guess I’ve never been as star struck as this moment..


8. Breeders education

I finally got the possibility to attend the Swedish kennel club’s education for breeders!

7. A great team

Day before Christmas we had a fast 22 km run on great trails and I enjoyed every second of running my own smooth and fast team.

6. Welcome home, Sonic

Due to changes in life, I got the possibility to take back Sonic to the team. As a breeder, I’m truly grateful to have both trained and competed with all five puppies from the first Yabasta litter!

5. Shit talk

Finally I got someone to talk with about one of my favorite subjects – shit – when I was recruited to the kollamasken-team who are scientists and nerds on worms and parasites!

4. World championships

Running the world championships was one of the coolest things ever! I really want to do that again!

3. Moving to the mountains

Finally taking the step, pack all dogs and move to the mountains was scary as hell but we made it and I’m so happy for that!

2. Vildmarksracet part 1

Starting out Vildmarksracet with my own five dogs and three borrowed alaskans was one of the races I will never forget. We were practically flying! That was the perfect race in my eyes, my goal is to run just like that!

1. Puppies

The happiest time ever, I got to spend together with these small fur balls. Finally my dreams came true, not only to breed my two favorite individuals but also to experience a birth and litter free from complications.

Last, but not least, I wish to thank our sponsors for this year, especially Camilla at Qurts, Tobias and Sara at Swedish Centerlines, Mia at Royal Canin and Bitte at kollamasken!

Wishing you all a happy new year 2019!

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