Me and my My

When you lift your head towards me
I look deep into your brown eyes
You tell me the tale of your life

We share year of birth
Into the sleddog life
You, already prepared and wise
Me, having a lot to learn

You ran so many miles
Your wisdom is far beyond mine
Yet, when I look into your eyes
You beg me only to love you

Your small and vigorous body
The thick fur covering you
Protecting you from all weather
And still you choose to walk by my side
Me, a bare human
who would never survive on her own

I love to feel you body in my arms
The feeling of you, slowly starting to relax
The feeling of your muscles unbending
Your trust on me slowly growing

Will you run for me?
Will you give me the favour
of watching you work?
Watching you small, yet so strong
body striving forward through the snow

I will enjoy every second of it

I will enjoy every second of you



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